As a Senior Media Relations Specialist at add, I develop and execute media relations strategies for events that ensure maximum media coverage and exposure for more than 40 events in various industries, including culture, technology, and entertainment. I create media lists and pitch to journalists, influencers, and bloggers, as well as work with internal and external stakeholders to develop key messages and talking points for media interviews and appearances. I also manage media inquiries and coordinate media interviews and appearances, as well as monitor and analyze media coverage of events and media trends and opportunities.

With a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations from Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, I have a strong foundation in the principles and practices of effective communication. I have successfully delivered more than 25 high-profile events as a communication manager for several mega events across the Kingdom, securing extensive media coverage and building strong relationships with key stakeholders. I have also honed my skills in social media communications, social media marketing, and corporate communications, creating engaging and informative content for various platforms and audiences. I am passionate about enhancing the reputation and visibility of my organization and clients through innovative and impactful media and communication strategies.